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GoDialysis is a pioneering start-up in renal industry. We provide the best dialysis services 24/7 at your doorsteps. Our Mobile Dialysis Facility is specially designed to provide dialysis treatment to patients by reaching them.

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Certified Dialysis Experts Committed to Excellence

GoDialysis is a pioneering start-up in the renal industry. We as a company want to improve quality of life by providing safe and hassle-free mobile and home dialysis and other medical facilities at the doorstep and make it access ible to everyone. Our Mobile Dialysis Facility is specially designed to provide dialysis treatment to patients by reaching them. We also cater the rural areas at subsidized rates where dialysis treatment is inaccessible otherwise.
We provide an extremely valuable and sought after integrated health care and medical assistance services in India with appropriate level of technology usage to create a healthy environment for faster adaptability of advanced technologies, reduction of service costs and provision of quality and affordable healthcare at the doorstep.
We offer the complete spectrum of care in dialysis with access to new technologies, systems, and products. Quality Assurance programs are designed to provide continuous tracking of performance parameters, demonstrating improvement in outcomes over time.

Our Services

All Your Dialysis Needs at One Place

Hospital Dialysis

GoDialysis has been a pioneer in nephrology and dialysis services in India. We are providing comprehensive dialysis and transplant facility under one roof.

Home Dialysis

Home Dialysis is designed for people who can’t make it to the doctor awfully often because they’re homebound. Your regular doctor must certify that you have difficulty leaving home.

Mobile Van Dialysis

Our dialysis centre conducts dialysis sessions on your doorstep. Our Medicare at Home brings quality health care services to your doorstep by looking at unprecedented repercussions on healthcare service delivery in rural and urban patients.

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Our Visionary Founder

Meet Mr. Rabindranath Mohapatra

Rabi is a seasoned healthcare strategy consultant with over 8 years of global healthcare industry experience. His passion to redefine healthcare delivery in India prompted him to found Adya Lifecare, a chain of dialysis centers.

He has helped hospitals, dialysis centers, medical Equipment benefit, healthcare distributors, consumer health clients on various strategic issues such as business development, operational improvement, portfolio rationalization, redefining customer strategies.

Prior to founding Adya Lifecare, Rabi was a project consultant at Nortel Netowrks in Telesoft CA, USA office. He also founded setup IT infrastructure and operation of Small and Big BPO’s projects in India and USA like HeroITes ,Rsystems, GTL etc.


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